Cloud MongoDB Stitch + CRUD with JS

This blog will introduce you what is MongoDB Atlas, and show you how to make use of stitch.js to build a simple CRUD web application step by step. After going through our examples, you should have a brief understanding on MongoDB, and how to make noSQL requests to it.


Do you need to buildup online dashboard with tone of KPI for your clients or management team? If yes, you may use DashBuilder to do so, it is a part of JBoss Community, open source and the most important point is … simple to install and use.

Node.js – Restful with Express framework + MySQL

You may hear people saying that node.js is not good, poor performance, and not for enterprise application. Before answering this question, we better to have a look to the below pros and cons. Then, we can conclude what kind of application is good to build with node.js, and what is not.

Spring MVC + Hibernate with AngularJS

Developers always talk about Spring and Hibernate. In fact, they are two different frameworks. But, working closely together very well, and forming MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework. Spring is one of the most famous Java application framework, constructing Controllers and Views (JSP). Hibernate is an ORM (object-relational mapping) framework, constructing Models.

Spring Restful (JSON) + Hibernate with AngularJS

This blog will show you how to build Spring Restful + Hibernate ORM models with AngularJS web application, the example here will use JSON to communicate between Spring controller and AngularJS web UI. After running through our example, you should be able to master Spring Restful and make HTTP JSON request using AngularJS.

Mobile Apps – IONIC with Restful API

Do you need to buildup both IOS, Android and Windows Phone apps for your clients? In this case, you need to learn and write Objective C for IOS native apps and Java for Android native apps, it may spend you double effort and time for both platforms, but the logic maybe the same.

Search Engine – Solr

Why people love to use Apache SOLR as search engine?