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noSQL Search Query No ratings yet.

Besides using _ID to do searching, you can also use other fields or multiple fields to do searching. For example: Examples JavaScript Codes By username   db.collection(“comments”).find( {username: “Peter”} , {limit: 1000}).asArray()   It will search all comments with username = “Peter”   By Date   db.collection(“comments”).find( { date: “01/01/2018”} , {limit: 1000}).asArray()   It

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After the simple CRUD sample, we will show you the bulk operations from this sample, please click on this URL to play with Blogs CRUD sample. Please see the below bulk operations with related JavaScript codes: Features JavaScript Codes Bulk Insert   db.collection(“comments”).insertMany(                [                                                             { owner_id :, date: “01/01/2018”, username: “Peter”,

How to create application, database and collection? No ratings yet.

Login with your registered account, select “Stitch Apps” on the left menu. Click “Create New Application” to create a new application, input “it-blogs” into Application Name, and then click “Create” button to create. After a few minutes, it will create the new application, and show you: On the is page, you can find “Turn