How to create application, database and collection?

Login with your registered account, select “Stitch Apps” on the left menu.

Click “Create New Application” to create a new application, input “it-blogs” into Application Name, and then click “Create” button to create.

After a few minutes, it will create the new application, and show you:

On the is page, you can find “Turn on Authentication”, we need to turn on Anonymous Authentication:

Select “Clients” on the left menu, you can find your own App ID

Now, select “Rules” to create database and collection, and client “ADD COLLECTION”.

Input “blog” as Database Name, “comments” as Collection Name, and select “No template”, click “Add Collection” to create:

Database “blog” and collection “comments” have been created, remember to select both “Read” and “Write” access for “comments” collection as shown below. Click SAVE after selecting the read/write access.

And then, we need to create one more collection as “users”:

Now, we have already created the database and collections. And you don’t need to define the schema for those collections.

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