Why MongoDB?

This blog will introduce you what is MongoDB Atlas, and show you how to make use of stitch.js to build a simple CRUD web application step by step.

You may refer to these two demo URLs:

  1. Users CRUD page
  2. Blogs CRUD page

After going through our examples, you should have a brief understanding on MongoDB, and how to make noSQL requests to it.

Before the examples, you need to:

a. Sign up an account with MongoDB Atlas via https://cloud.mongodb.com/user#/atlas/register/accountProfile

Our examples will make noSQL requests to this Cloud-based MongoDB

b. Setup an Apache server in order to store your html pages

Why MongoDB?


  1. Dynamic Schema – you don’t need to define or change your schema before or during developing your application
  2. Quick development – as you don’t need to worry about the schema, you can change the data structure easily
  3. Cloud-based enable – MongoDB makes use of cloud-based environment, allow you to distribute and partition your data into multiple servers
  4. Microservices Architecture – you can decentralize your application into different services, each service stores one type of data. For example, a blogging application can build up with different services, such as users and comments.


  1. Not support transaction
  2. No functions and store procedure

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