Bulk Operations No ratings yet.

After the simple CRUD sample, we will show you the bulk operations from this sample, please click on this URL to play with Blogs CRUD sample. Please see the below bulk operations with related JavaScript codes: Features JavaScript Codes Bulk Insert   db.collection(“comments”).insertMany(                [                                                             { owner_id : client.auth.user.id, date: “01/01/2018”, username: “Peter”,

Example 3: Restful API Running with AngularJS Web CRUD UI No ratings yet.

You can download the Web UI here, extract the zip file as folder “AngularUI”. As we will run the Node.js Restful API with port 3000, and Web UI using Tomcat with port 8080. Assuming you have installed Tomcat. Otherwise, please download and install Tomcat from http://tomcat.apache.org/download-80.cgi . Then, store the unzip package “AngularUI” under {your_tomcat_installed_path}\webapps\

Example 2: MVC App No ratings yet.

Like other famous development languages, such as .NET and Java, node.js does have development framework like MVC. This example will show you how to buildup a small MVC web application using express framework. Please note that this example is based on express version 4.13.4 . Let’s create the folders: example under {your_node.js_installed_path}\nodejs\ demo2 under {your_node.js_installed_path}\nodejs\examples\