Restful CRUD Actions

You may find the below (CRUD ) actions from this web UI:

HTTP Method Actions
GET Get / List record(s)
POST Create record
PUT Update record
DELETE Delete record


R – Read the list of customers [GET Method]

Let’s go to Customer List page, you can find the list of customers here. The UI will make a HTTP GET request to the Restful server getting the list of customer JSON, and displaying on the page.


U – Update Existing Customer [PUT Method]

Simply click on  button, it will show you the Customer Update page:

Let’s try to update some fields, and then click , it will make a HTTP PUT request to the Restful server in order to update the record.

Click  going back to the Customer Listing page


C – Create New Customer [POST Method]

Please click , it will show you a Customer New page, and you may try to fill in the values and click to save the new record. A HTTP POST request will be sent to the Restful server.

Click  going back to the Customer Listing page.


D – Delete Any Customer [DELETE Method]

Please click  of the newly added record, it will pop-up a dialog window for your confirmation:

Click OK to confirm, and it will delete the record by sending HTTP DELETE request to server.


You see… Restful server with Angular UI is so simple…

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