Solr Installation

By default, SOLR will ship with Jetty server. In order to install with Jetty, you may need to:

  1. Install JRE or JDK from Oracle (at least 1.7), you can download from
  2. Setup JAVA_HOME path

a. Right-click on “Computer”, and click on “Properties”

b. Click on “Change Settings”

c. Click on “Environment Variables”

d. Under “User variables for XXXX”, click on “New” button to create a new user variable

Input “JAVA_HOME” as variable name and C:\{your_java_installed_path}\jdk1.7.0_55 as your variable value. If you are using different version of JDK, please update the path value.


  1. Download SOLR from
  2. Unzip SOLR file (, and you will find the below folders and files uder solr-5.4.1 folder:

5. Run “cmd” to open a command prompt, and enter “cd C:/{your_installed_path}/solr-5.4.1/bin/”

6. Run “solr start”

  1. You may browse the page : http://localhost:8983/ and see what happen:


Done, SOLR is up and running using Jetty.

You can stop the SOLR by “solr stop –p 8983” under C:/{your_installed_path}/solr-5.4.1/bin/ :

If SOLR throws “OutOfMemoryError” after indexing tone of articles, you may need to increase the heap size memory by running the startup command as “solr start –m 2g”:

And the SOLR admin will show you the memory allocation:

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