Faceted Search

Faceted search is useful to do count(*) feature, please see below examples for your reference:

Count(*) by Specified Field

When browsing this page : http://localhost:8983/solr/films/browse , you may find Facets field on the left handset as:


With below example, it will return you a list of genres with article counts, so that you can show on your application.

Requested URL



It will return a list of genres with article counts, e.g. it has 23 articles as Drama genre.

Parameters Values Details
facet true Enable facet feature
facet.field genre Facet Field, something like “GROUP BY” clause in SQL:

SELECT count(*) FROM table GROUP BY “facet.field”

rows 0 Optional, returning number of rows


You can also use this one returning list of directed_by with article counts.

Requested URL



E.g. it has 5 articles as “Ridley Scott” directed_by.

Parameters Values Details
fl directed_by Field for top terms
numTerms 50 Return number of terms


With Date Range

Facets search can be bounded by date range like:

Requested URL



It will return a list of dates with article counts, with the field “initial_release_date” range from facet.range.start=2000-02-01T00:00:01Z to facet.range.end =2001-02-01T00:00:01Z with one month (+1MONTH ) range gap.

Parameters Values Details
facet.range initial_release_date Field for facet range
facet.range.start 2000-02-01T00:00:01Z Start date for ranging
facet.range.end 2001-02-01T00:00:01Z End date for ranging
facet.range.gap +1MONTH Range gap duration


With Integer Range

Besides Date range facets, it can be bounded by integer range like:

Requested URL



It will return a list of dates with article counts, with the field “_version_” range from facet.range.start=1510000000000000000 to facet.range.end =1530000000000000000 with range gap 1000000000000000.

Parameters Values Details
facet.range _version_ Field for facet range
facet.range.start 1510000000000000000 Start value for ranging
facet.range.end 1530000000000000000 End value for ranging
facet.range.gap 1000000000000000 Range gap duration


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