Introduction to DashBuilder

What is DashBuilder ?


Do you need to buildup online dashboard with tone of KPI for your clients or management team? If yes, you may use DashBuilder to do so, it is a part of JBoss Community, open source and the most important point is … simple to install and use.


It is using to build your own web-based Dashboard, so that you can study and analyst your data using charts or data-grid. It supports filtering, drill down, charting and exporting on your dashboard.


By simply drag and drop without any coding, you can create different charts. So far, it supports Bar chart, Area chart and Pie chart. Besides charting, it supports table report with exporting feature, you can export to Excel or CSV format.


You can follow our blog in order to build the DashBuilder with Tomcat connecting to MySQL DB, and you can find some useful examples here as well.

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