Reporting (Data Table)

Besides charting, you can also create data table(s) to show your raw data in table format like MS Excel with sorting and grouping features. Let’s see how to do so:


1. Click on “Create a new panel in current page”

2. Select “Key Performance Indicator” => drag “Create panel” => and drop to “CENTER_1”

3. Select “mysql_sales” as data provider

4. Fill in the below values:

5. Done

6. Done??? Not yet…


Can I change the column name? Yes

Can I remove or add some column(s)? Yes

Can I re-arrange the order of columns? Yes


Let’s see how to do so:

1. Click on “setting” menu of this data table component

2. Select “Edit content”

3. You can find four small buttons on the header of each columns:

             Delete this column
             Move this column to right
             Move this column to left
             Create a column


You can select “Data property” for this column and update column name and title here.


What if I want to update the column?

Just simply click on the header text of the column, which you want to update. Let’s try clicking on “status” header:


It has an option called “Is selectable?”, it is very important for data drill-down. Let’s try setting “status” with “Is selectable?” and click “Save”. The values of “status” become clickable.


Let’s try click on “WIN” to see what is happening… it shows only “WIN” status records.


How to reset the filtering data? You can find more details from “Filtering and Drill-down Data”.

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