How to create data connection?

In order to connect to data source(s), you need to create a data connection to your DB(s). Before setting up the data connection, you need to install the JDBC driver to DashBuilder app.


For example, if you are using MySQL as your data sources, you need to


  1. download the MySQL JDBC driver ( from
  2. unzip the file and store it (mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-bin.jar) under C:\{your_tomcat_installed_path}\webapps\dashbuilder64\WEB-INF\lib\
  3. Restart the tomcat server.


After installed the JDBC driver, we will use MySQL as an example with sample data. Please download MySQL from and install it. Then, you can download the sample data (DashBuilder_schema.sql) here, and insert DashBuilder_schema.sql into MySQL database.


Then, you can create the data connection now. Please go to “Administration” => “External Connection”:


  1. Click on “Create new DataSource”
  2. Fill in the below values. Please note that you need to use your own username and password.

  1. If creation is successful, it will show you a green state for the new connection.

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