Dashboard Example

So, right now, you know how to create panel, charts KPI and data table… On the “Testing1” dashboard, you have login/logout, menu and data table menu. Let’s try to add some charts on to the dashboard.


1. Click on “Create a new panel in current page”

2. Select “Key Performance Indicator” => drag “Create panel”

=> and drop to the bottom => “COL_1”


3. Select “mysql_sales”

4. Select Pie chart with below values.

5. Click  besides “amount”, select “Sum” and click “Save”:

6. Close the Panel Editor, and the new KPI panel will be shown on the “Testing1” dashboard.

Let’s create another two charts on the bottom => “COL_2” and “COL_3”. Select “mysql_sales” for these new charts.


“COL_2”: Select “Bar chart”, input the below values, Clickbesides “amount”, select “Count” and click “Save”:

“COL_3”: Select “Line chart”, Input the below values, Click  besides “amount”, select “Sum” and click “Save”:

Now, your dashboard is almost done. Let’s see how to “Filter and Drill-Down Data”.

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