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Example 2: MVC App No ratings yet.

Like other famous development languages, such as .NET and Java, node.js does have development framework like MVC. This example will show you how to buildup a small MVC web application using express framework. Please note that this example is based on express version 4.13.4 . Let’s create the folders: example under {your_node.js_installed_path}\nodejs\ demo2 under {your_node.js_installed_path}\nodejs\examples\

Dashboard Example No ratings yet.

So, right now, you know how to create panel, charts KPI and data table… On the “Testing1” dashboard, you have login/logout, menu and data table menu. Let’s try to add some charts on to the dashboard.   1. Click on “Create a new panel in current page” 2. Select “Key Performance Indicator” => drag “Create