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DashBuilder Installation No ratings yet.

You may follow the below steps:   1. Install JDK from Oracle (at least JDK 1.6), you can download from   2. Adding Java to your classpath: a. Under “User variables for XXXX”, click on “New” button to create a new user variable b. Input “PATH” as variable name and C:\{your_java_installed_path}\jdk1.7.0_55\bin as your variable

How to setup login username and password? No ratings yet.

By default, it is using Tomcat user to login. You can add new role and user under C:\{your_tomcat_installed_path}\conf\tomcat-users.xml   <role rolename=”admin”/>  <role rolename=”user”/> <user username=”root”   password=”root”  roles=”admin”/> <user username=”demo”   password=”demo”  roles=”user”/>   For DashBuilder, it supports 2 different roles, normal user and admin user. Admin user is using to create/update your dashboards / reports. Normal

Reporting (Data Table) No ratings yet.

Besides charting, you can also create data table(s) to show your raw data in table format like MS Excel with sorting and grouping features. Let’s see how to do so:   1. Click on “Create a new panel in current page” 2. Select “Key Performance Indicator” => drag “Create panel” => and drop to “CENTER_1”